Unmatched Security!

Your website's security is paramount, and with fastCMS, you can rest easy knowing that your valuable data is fortified against potential threats.

fastCMS is a cutting-edge content management system & blogging app that employs the unbeatable combination of pure PHP, HTML, MySQL & PHP Data Objects, ensuring top-tier security measures that meet even the strictest standards

fastCMS Security

Security is an integral part of any digital platform, and at fastCMS, we take this responsibility very seriously. Your website is not just a business tool, but a collection of valuable data and sensitive information that deserves the highest level of protection. With our focus on fortified defense systems, fastCMS ensures your website's security is uncompromising and reliable.

FastCMS is an innovative Content Management System (CMS) and blogging application that employs the power of PHP, HTML, MySQL, and PHP Data Objects (PDO). This technology mix ensures a secure, resilient, and high-performing website capable of meeting all your content needs.

PHP Security

FastCMS uses PHP, a server-side scripting language designed specifically for web development. We have implemented the latest security techniques in PHP to create an application that is resistant to common web threats. These include XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), and SQL injection attacks. Moreover, we continuously update our PHP security measures in line with the evolving threat landscape to ensure your website is always a step ahead of potential threats.


The combination of HTML and MySQL in fastCMS gives you a robust and secure structure for your website content and databases. Our platform employs best practices to sanitize HTML input and output, ensuring your site is not susceptible to HTML-injection attacks. MySQL, a proven and reliable database management system, works with PHP Data Objects to provide a secure environment for storing and managing your data. FastCMS's implementation of MySQL includes various security measures like database encryption and SQL injection prevention mechanisms.

PHP Data Objects (PDO)

FastCMS utilizes PHP Data Objects, a powerful tool that provides a uniform method of access to multiple databases. PDO allows fastCMS to work seamlessly with different types of databases, enhancing the flexibility and versatility of your website. Importantly, PDO includes robust security features like prepared statements, which can help prevent SQL injection attacks.

Continuous Updates and Monitoring

To maintain top-tier security, fastCMS is continuously updated to deal with emerging threats. Our dedicated security team works tirelessly to monitor for new vulnerabilities and rapidly implement necessary patches. Additionally, we conduct regular security audits of our software to identify any potential weaknesses before they can be exploited.

User Access Control

We recognize that not all threats come from the outside. That's why fastCMS includes extensive user access controls, allowing you to manage who has access to what parts of your website. This not only helps to keep your content secure but also ensures that your team can work effectively without the risk of accidental data loss or exposure.

SSL Encryption

FastCMS supports SSL encryption, a standard technology that helps keep an internet connection secure and safeguards any sensitive data that is sent between two systems. This prevents criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details.

In conclusion, with fastCMS, your website's security is paramount. We employ the best in technology, practices, and personnel to ensure your data remains secure, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best - managing your content and serving your audience.

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