What is fastCMS?

fastCMS is an alternative to many of the over bloated, slow content management systems online. fastCMS is . . .

  • Super Fast
  • Very Secure
  • Easily Themed
  • Easy To Use

Easily create your next blog or website with fastCMS.

Will you install my fastCMS script for me?

Yes, we are always happy to install fastCMS on your server.

We charge a nominal fee of $10 for script installation, just add the installation option at checkout when purchasing your product.

The developer license of fastCMS comes with 1 free install included.

What are the minimal host requirements for fastCMS?

fastCMS requires the following minimal host requirements..

  • PHP 8+
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • PDO Database Drivers
  • cURL

These requirements are standard and 99% of web hosts will comply.

How many domains can I install fastCMS on?

The starter license allows you to install fastCMS on 1 domain.

The pro license allows installation on 5 domains.

The developer license allows you to install fastCMS on unlimited domains.

Check out license prices.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept payments via Stripe & PayPal, both payment processors accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

All of our product downloads are managed and delivered by SendOwl

Pay With Stripe Pay with PayPal

Why hasn't anyone replied to the message I sent?

We try our best to answer all contact messages as quickly as possible, however we do have to sleep!

Our opening hours are 9am until 6pm ~ Monday through Friday.
The current time/date in our time-zone is 12:30 pm Friday September 29 2023

We are currently Open

Can I remove the "Powered By fastCMS" copyright link?

Yes, you can remove the "powered by fastCMS" link to make your site appear custom coded.

However, we do ask for a $25 removal fee.

To have the "powered by fastCMS" footer link removed, choose this option at checkout.

What is the refunds policy for fastCMS?

Because of the nature of digital products, once the customer receives their product download, we have no way of ensuring the download is returned after refund.

We therefore have a strict NO REFUNDS policy for digital products.

We offer a fully functional live demo, so that potential buyers can see exactly what they are buying before payment.

We are also happy to answer any pre sales questions here.

Does fastCMS have an affiliate program?

Yes! we have an affiliate program that pays you 30% of every sale.

Our affiliate program is run by SendOwl and we use 1 year cookies.

Join the SendOwl affiliate program and start earning today..

Do you recommend a reliable web host provider?

Yes we do! However we only recommend web host service providers that we personally use.

We use the following hosting companies and have done for the last 10 years.

Another quality web application, built and maintained by v7web

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