How to update fastCMS

Login to Administrator dashboard

Click the "login" link in the top navigation menu & fill in your login details on the login page. Once logged in you will be redirected to the administration dashboard.

Watch a video of this process below:

Click on update link in drop down menu

Once in the administration dashboard, click on the "Administration" button in the top right navigation menu and from the drop down menu choose and click the "Update" link.

Watch a video of this process below:

Choose update zip file and update

Using the "Choose file" button, navigate to where you have saved the file and select. Then click the "Update" button and the update process will begin.

Depending on your server the update process may take a couple of minutes to complete.

Once the update process is completed, a success message will be shown and the new version will be displayed.

Watch a video of this process below:

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