How to get fastCMS up & running quickly


Enter Settings Data

Go to the main page of your new fastCMS website and click the "login" link.

As this is your first login use the default login details of and password 52-Curious-64. We suggest that these details are changed immediately after login.

quick start login

Once logged in you will be directed to the main administration dashboard. From here click the "settings" tab at the top of the page.

settings step 1

Once inside the "settings" section click the "general settings" link in the left side menu.

settings step 2

In the "general settings" section, although all inputs can be filled in the essential inputs for quick setup are Site Email, SMTP Host, SMTP Username, SMTP Password and SMTP Port. All these details are available at your server.

settings step 3


Change Email & Password

For security it is essential that you change your administrator email and password from the default to your own.

To do this click on, either, the administrator avatar in the left side menu or the "my profile" link in the drop down top right menu.

change profile data step 1

Enter your own email in the email input field.

Create your own new password by entering a password in the "Password" and "Password Again" input fields.

Click the "Save Changes" button.

change profile data step 2

That's it! Your new fastCMS website will be up and running.