fastCMS security management

Create & Manage Pages

From within the fastCMS pages management section you are able to:

  • Create new pages.
  • Edit existing pages.
  • Delete existing pages.

Create custom website pages that can also be used as a custom home page.

How to create a new page in fastCMS

fastCMS create new page

Go to Dashboard -> Pages -> New Page

1Page Title
  • Create & enter a title for your new page.
2Meta data
  • Create & enter a page description that will be used in the meta description tags.
  • Create & enter a page keyword that will be used in the meta keywords tags.
  • Leave these input fields blank and the script will auto generate meta tags from the title.
3In Nav Menu
  • Choose if the new page will be displayed in the home page sidebar menu (depending on which theme is being used).
4Page Content
  • Use the WYSIWYG text area to create the main content for your new page.
  • Using the text area controls, you are able to add text, images, videos to the pages main content.
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How to edit an existing page for fastCMS

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How to delete an existing page in fastCMS

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How to delete multiple existing pages from fastCMS

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